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MyDataBall : About Us

Our Goals

Both our funding and team members are 100% French. Our goal is to make our Niort-based start-up as competent, innovating, creative and commercially successful as the world leaders in business intelligence, or rather business optimisation.

Companies find themselves with huge amount of data at their hand, both from their own information system and from external sources: open databases, national or governmental studies, and the huge amount of data generated daily by the use of the internet and mobile devices. Enabling companies to make use of the full extent of the potential residing in all that data – that is our calling.

We provide them with a tool that reveals that potential, allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to value-creating analysis, and speeds up the decision making process. In other words, we provide efficient answers to their emerging needs in business intelligence.


Turnover increase

Cost reduction by process enhancing

Risk minimization by collaborative and relevant decision making

Value-increase from Big Data

Our Values

The main driving force behind our activities and our ever-innovating solutions is the satisfaction of our clients. Our bond with them is based on our expertise, professionalism and the attention we give them.

We want the added value we create to be fairly shared between our clients, our team and our partners. We are ever conscious of the impact we have on the environment, and minimize it by an intelligent use of the technological tools we use, design and put on the market. We strive to evolve within an ecosystem of partners that share our values. We enhance our expertise by encouraging our teams to thrive in their specialized fields and by contributing to the economic growth of the areas we work in.

Our backers

BPI France

Bpifrance acts as a partner to the private sector by offering financing and investment. It provides momentum to companies, and gives them greater investment freedom throughout their life cycle.


Because of its contributions to research in cutting-edge calculation systems and data visualization, R2C system has been named JEI (Jeune Entreprise Innovante – Innovating Young Company) by the Minister of Higher Education and Research.


Région Poitou Charentes

The Fonds de Co-Investissement Poitou-Charentes (FCI)’s task is to invest in capital stock from regional small and medium size businesses. It acts as a co-investor, along with previously selected private venture capital funds. It selects the companies it invests in based on profitability and longevity objectives.

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Our clients