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R2C system is committed to follow the defined Gender Equality Plan
that consist of:

• Dedicated efforts for implementing gender equality in the company’s
human resources and development activities. This is done by top
management consisting of CEO, Research Director, and CTO.
R2C system of gender personnel data to measure the respect of gender
equality in the company, including number of personnel and salaries.
Salaries of personnel are strictly dependant on the years of experience
and not on gender. The recruitment process is oriented to establish and
maintain a balance between men and women. R2C system equally
promotes the career development of both female and male staff.
• Top management will always include women that participate in all
decision-making of the company.
• Top management ensures the awareness of all the personnel related to
gender equality, and makes sure that there is no unconscious gender
biases or harassment.

Signed by CEO of R2C system

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