We recommend that you use Google Chrome in order to best access MyDataBall.

You may access the software via the website www.MyDataBall.com and the « Access to MyDataBall » section or directly here: http://apps.mydataball.com/login.

Once your username and password entered, the system will suggest that you install the Java Plugin Java should you have not yet done it. You should do so if it is not installed in order to access the software. Despite this, should you still not be able to view the system then please follow the steps below.


Temporary files

They must be authorised for Java. This should be the case by default however you may check by:

  • Clicking on Start then Control Pannel.
  • Going to Programmes then Java
  • In the Temporary Files folder, make sure that the « Save temporary files » box is checked.

Java version installed

In order to check your Java version:


Installing specific MyDataBall libraries

The Java3D libraries are required in order for MyDataBall to work correctly. However these libraries are no longer part of the new Java updates. We will therefore make sure that they are properly installed together.

Downloading Java3D

Check whether your operating system is 32 or 64 bit system.

In order to do this please click on Start then Control Pannel then Programmes:

Follow the default installation instructions and the libraries will be installed in the appropriate folders according to your operating system (32 or 64 bit).

Reboot your computer so that the changes are applied.

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