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MyDataBall : About Us

Our Goals

Our main purpose is to enable companies to fully exploit the potential of the information present and available in their information system as well as external information available: Open data, National and Governmental Statistics, data generated every day by mass use of the internet and mobiles.

And so respond effectively to new business intelligence needs, by providing a tool that reveals the potential of their data, generates a multi-business approach to value-creating analysis and accelerates decision-making.
The MyDataBall solution helps put the business user at the heart of detecting detectable knowledge in the data, highlighting the dashboards to look at first.



To quickly access the extended digital business assets and enhance your Big Data
To speed up the analysis capacity
To synthesize the detection of business diagnostics by your AI
To optimize your installed BI
To meet the challenges of communicating numbers
To capitalize on employees’ professional knowledge



Earnings: 500% ROI by BI, 1000% ROI by BI assisted by MyDataBall AI

Cost reduction through process improvement
Reduced risk through relevant and collaborative decision-making
Transform the knowledge gathered as the employees’ analyzes are analyzed into performance action
for the company

Our Values

Satisfy our customers, the main driver of our activity and the innovation of our solutions. Commitment based on the principle of expertise, professionalism and listening. Share equitably the value created with all stakeholders, including our customers, our teams, our partners.

Respect the environment and ensure its long-term sustainability through the intelligent use of
the technological solutions we use, invent and market.
Research projects are working to demonstrate that our tree technique reduces energy consumption by querying data

Evolve in an ecosystem of partners who share our own values.

Develop our expertise by developing our teams in their areas of expertise by contributing to the economic
growth of our host territories.

Our wish is to be able to demystify the data management and analysis techniques, to open the perspectives of the analysis to the trades people without being specialized and even less data scientists.
MyDataBall is about putting the potential of data to people’s services to discover knowledge and
share discovered knowledge, to be collaborative and to make real Knowledge Management.

Our backers

BPI France

Bpifrance acts as a partner to the private sector by offering financing and investment. It provides momentum to companies, and gives them greater investment freedom throughout their life cycle.


Because of its contributions to research in cutting-edge calculation systems and data visualization, R2C system has been named JEI (Jeune Entreprise Innovante – Innovating Young Company) by the Minister of Higher Education and Research.


Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Fonds de Co-Investissement Poitou-Charentes (FCI)’s task is to invest in capital stock from regional small and medium size businesses. It acts as a co-investor, along with previously selected private venture capital funds. It selects the companies it invests in based on profitability and longevity objectives.

Global competitiveness cluster Finance Innovation

Global competitiveness cluster Finance Innovation Network partner ( in 2016, MyDataBall was labeled by the cluster as a disruptive tool in terms of capacity to better communicate the figures, to accelerate the capacity of employees to analyze, to capitalize on the knowledge derived from the data and detected by all the collaborators

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Our clients