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MyDataBall is a tool that makes data speak for itself

MyDataBall structures complex datasets into trees and identifies relevant correlations from all your variables and indicators.

It allows you to navigate to the heart of your company’s data, and there find the right combinations of levers to pull in order to greatly impact your results.


Thus, your BI is driven by learning employee data questions and builds an AI that optimizes the detection of the priority elements of performance

MyDataBall makes 3D visualisation of data analysis possible

MyDataBall is an intuitive and original navigation at the heart of your business intelligence.
This proprietary model frees business teams for in-depth analysis with no limit of granularity.
A true innovation that opens the door to an immediate exploitation of the promises of Big Data,
for an operational and concrete implementation.
A considerable saving of time to effectively share the figures between the collaborators,
to validate a diagnosis quickly and to accelerate the interpretation.

Through its visualization mechanics, MyDataBall solves the problem of data complexity detecting
rules with more than 3 dimensions.

MyDataBall is compatible with data mining, data analytics, data visualization and data discovery tools

MyDataBall works on all data and formats available and immediately brings you the analysis axes with significant results.

MyDataBall is the only solution that manages up to 2000 axes of analysis and indicators.

The wealth of your high-value analysis is automatically exportable in the classic standards (Qlik, Tabeau, PowerBI, Matlo, …) for a quick sharing and an effective communication to your decision-making and collaborative bodies.

In addition, our technique that combines the calculation of trees (random forest) and perceptrons (neural networks), is the only solution that allows your AI to be auditable (it’s no longer a black box).

MyDataBall frees the potential of your data

MyDataBall covers all your needs in internal and external data exploitation. It relies on a tree visualization concept, making full use of statistics and turning them into 3D models.

A hierarchy of explanatory factors to a given problem is made possible by the creation of dynamical data trees.

These data trees, rendered as a 3D sphere, can be navigated and used to exploit the full potential of the data at the company’s disposal say deep.

MyDataBall makes inter-disciplinary dialogue more fruitful

MyDataBall leverages information from all silos in your information system with its proprietary Data Lake concept technology.

The highlighting of the relevant cross-cutting decision factors generates a collaborative analysis where the time is spent sharing the diagnoses and the actions to be implemented.
The acceleration of the decision cycles thus obtained increases the value creation of your activity while
minimizing the identified risks.

Your business inherits the agility of your acquired business intelligence.
The cumulative analysis produced by employees is synthesized and gives the ability to consolidate all diagnostics detected and validated, to generate true Knowledge Management.

MyDataBall monitors performance in every function of the company

MyDataBall’s simplicity and efficiency make it the perfect tool to address any functions or transversal-related issues.

  • Distribution: Where are the most favorable places to secure a foothold?
  • Marketing: What is the profile of my regular customers? How to improve my customer segmentation?
  • Risk Management: control of the compliance with Bâle 3 and Solvency 2.
  • Market Risks: How good is my client portfolio?
  • Fraud: How to detect fraud and money laundering?
  • After-sales service: How can I limit its cost and debt collection?
  • Lean management: What are the key factors that make my production fall?
  • HR: where are costs soaring? How satisfied are my employees?

And also, the business of energy, water management, corporate CSR … by IoT.

MyDataBall maximizes your decisional information system’s return on investment

Non-intrusive implementation in the architecture of your information system provides immediate results.

Extremely low integration costs for a SaaS or On-Premise installation provide immediate Quick Wins
The intuitive ergonomics of the solution do not require any complex programming or handling by business users or decision-makers.

An explanation of the basic concepts of a few hours is enough to make them completely autonomous.
The user professions range from operational businesses to managers to managers, all trades that consume data and want to leave diagnostics quickly.


MyDataBall provides the answer to the growing abundance of information by combining a statistical approach of datamining and a spherical visualization of the results.

MyDataBall is a unified view of the diversity of information whether structured or unstructured; activity database, document database, internet data …

Our services are demultipliable / scalable and offer the possibility in SaaS mode to integrate very large volumetric measurements from among others IoT flows.

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